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Attached is AGC Partners’ Insight report “The ABCs of SMBs.” This thought piece explores the market for software and services selling into small and midsize businesses (SMB) globally, and the technology providers and strategies used to best penetrate this underserved and rapidly growing market. The low-cost ease of use SaaS delivery model has broken open the SMB market, generating $380 billion in software spend.

SMB is a different animal than the large enterprise market, and requires a radically different go-to-market strategy. A watered-down version of an enterprise offering is almost guaranteed to fail. Software vendors need to maintain a laser focus on unit economics and a low-cost approach to sales in order to minimize customer acquisition costs and churn, and maximize volumes.

Click to download AGC’s report – ABCs-of-SMBs-12.12.19-Condensed-Version

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Attached is AGC Partners’ Insight report on the future of restaurant technology.

Entitled “The Future of Restaurant Technology,” this piece explores how technology is positioned to transform this $900 billion sales industry, historically one of the most labor intensive sectors of the U.S economy. An extended economic recovery, low unemployment rate, and continued rise of millennials as the largest demographic in the workplace are factors driving strong restaurant spending. Yet, razor thin profit margins and unique challenges restaurants face require purpose built solutions to cut costs, gain efficiencies, and increase visibility. These factors have created a multi-billion-dollar market for restaurant management software, which is growing at double digits. Online ordering and migration to next generation POS to facilitate ordering, payment processing, customer interaction, marketing, sales tracking and order management is driving much of the growth. This report takes a closer look into the market as well as companies in the ecosystem, M&A and private placement activity.

Click to download AGC’s report – AGC-Restaurant-Tech-Nov-2019


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Attached is AGC Partners’ Insight report on Genomics Data Management.

AGC’s research on the market for Genomics Data Management Software can be found in our latest Insight report, which you can request to download using the form below. It discusses how the analysis, integration and interpretation of data from next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology poses challenges to researchers, and has given way to the market opportunities for Genomics Data Management Software. Other topics included in the report are listed below.

– Genomics Market Size & Growth Forecasts
– Company Landscape
– Problems & Solutions With Interpreting Genomics Data
– Case Studies on the Impact of Genomics Data Management Software
– Major Challenges to the Market
– Publicly Traded Companies Overview
– Top Genomics Data Management Software M&A Deals, Financings, and Most Active Investors
– All Genomics Data Management Software M&A Transactions and Private Placement Transactions Since 2016

Click to download AGC’s report – AGC-Genomics-Data-Management-Oct-2019

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Attached is AGC Partners’ Insight report on legal, compliance and regulatory technology.

The global legal technology market, estimated at ~$4B in size, is poised for explosive growth in the years ahead as legal and compliance teams fully embrace digitalization and automation. Legal tech solutions revolve around real time access to data that keep litigation costs under budget and improve outcomes in cases litigated or agreements negotiated. At the frontier, other solutions are emerging to automate eDiscovery and Contract Management, mostly involving AI and ML technologies. Financing into private legal tech companies is now pouring in, while M&A activity has also seen a lockstep change to unprecedented levels over the last year. With over 180 companies identified in AGC’s Legal and Compliance Tech landscape, this industry is large and growing rapidly with many new startups forcing disruption of this traditional sector, and many public giants competing for pole position to build or buy the ecosystem.

Click to download AGC’s report – AGC-Legal-Compliance-Tech-Sep-2019

PRESS RELEASE: Blackpeak advises – Ceridian Announces Agreement to Acquire Australian Workforce Management Solutions Provider, RITEQ

Blackpeak is pleased to announce that it acted as financial adviser to Riteq on its sale to Ceridian, a global leader in human capital management (HCM) technology. Riteq is a leading provider of workforce management software solution.

Below is a link to the announcements from Ceridian.

PRESS RELEASE: Blackpeak advises – sale of controlling stake in Education Horizons Group

Potentia Capital Invests in Education Horizons Group’s future

Potential Capital has acquired a majority stake in the Education Horizons Group to support and accelerate the next stage of the Group’s growth.

Tim Dawson will continue to lead the Group in his capacity as Group Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors. The Group’s executive and management teams will remain in place and representatives of Potentia Capital will join the Board.

Potentia Capital is a Sydney-headquartered private equity investment firm focused exclusively on technology, tech-enabled services and software businesses. Their team is one of the most experienced in the Australian private equity market having collectively deployed over $2 billion of capital across more than 10 investments in the technology sector globally.

Following conclusion of this investment by Potentia Tim Dawson has said: “Potentia is uniquely placed to partner with Education Horizons Group to support and help accelerate our next phase of growth. Their depth of sector knowledge, collaborative partnership style and shared respect for our values, was instrumental in choosing Potentia Capital as our ideal partner.”

Click to access the press release – Education-Horizons-Potentia-Capital-Press-Release-2019

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Attached is AGC Partners’ Insight report on IoT and the Enterprise.

IoT is fast approaching critical mass in terms of units installed. By 2020, IoT is on track to surpass phones, laptops and tablets collectively as the largest category of connected devices. As this plays out, the Enterprise sets up as the next big leg of exciting growth in the extended IoT adoption wave, taking over from the Consumer and Industrial domains. Deployments are well under way with over 84% of enterprises expected to complete IoT implementations within the next two years. Meanwhile, private markets have begun to percolate with over 40 transactions occurring annually and hundreds of millions in deployed capital. With nearly 100 companies identified in AGC’s Enterprise IoT landscape, this report explores disruptive participants and trends in this rapidly emerging segment of IoT.

Click to download AGC’s report – AGC-Enterprise-IoT-Aug-2019

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Attached is AGC Partners’ Insight report on the Supply Chain Software market. Supply chain is increasingly at the nexus of several transformative technology and business trends: Autonomous Vehicles, Internet of Things, digital twins, and automation and robotization of warehouses and distribution centers. As a result, supply chain and ERP remains robust as PE firms continue to invest in consolidation platforms for older technologies, which in turn continue to execute aggressive acquisition programs, and public companies are benefiting from continued growth in target markets and strong global equity capital markets. eProcurement / Spend Management M&A has been particularly active during the past 3 years with nearly 45 transactions, as ongoing consolidation in the sector is being driven by challenges such as Coupa and private equity players acquiring mid-market players. This report includes an overview of M&A and investment activity, current trends, and AGC’s landscape of companies in the ecosystem.

Click to download AGC’s report – AGC-Supply-Chain-Aug-2019